Family Portrait Photographer in Southampton, Hampshire

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"Beautiful natural portraits" 

Portrait sessions generally take an hour, however it’s good to allow up to two hours with newborn babies and young children. Newborns are ideally photographed when only a few days old, and up to 2 weeks of age, as once they get to about 3 weeks, they are much more alert and can be a bit harder to settle. When they are still very new, they are still sleepy and don’t mind being curled up and moved around a bit, allowing for more poses! I am more than happy to work around baby feed times and nappy changes. I often find that if a baby has just been fed, they are happy to go to sleep and become an ideal model! Babies are great to photograph when they are sitting up by themselves and perhaps starting to crawl, some of the best facial expressions are captured at this time as they are pretty happy to show off their new skills and are quite inquisitive!


The location of your photo session is your choice; I can come to your home, meet you on location, or I can do the session in a local studio. It is important to consider the lighting of the location as the ideal setting is filled with natural light and a nice simple background.

What to wear

Block colours without lots of patterns work well, although bold stripes and polka-dots can add a striking element to your images. Denim looks great – particularly if everyone is wearing similar coloured jeans, and plain tops. Something to consider with groups is to make sure everyone is dressed in a similar way. You don’t have to all be wearing the same colours, but it’s a good idea to make sure that the colours won’t clash! Newborns and babies are best photographed in nothing at all, or perhaps just a nappy.

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