Headshot Tips:
How to Make the Most of Your Business Portrait Session

⌨ 9 January, 2020 |  ✎ Julian Stock

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Is it time to update your LinkedIn profile, or get new headshots for your company website? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a headshot and make the most of your portrait session. They will ensure you get stunning results.

5 Tips to Making the Most of Your Portrait Session

Tip #1:  Wear Your Usual Attire

One of the first things people ask is what to wear. What you choose will significantly affect the look of your headshot. Think of what you wear to work, what best reflects your position or business. Of course you want to look your best, but wearing your latest designer shirt when that’s not your usual work attire will only detract attention away from you! Your attire should match how you look when meeting a potential client or doing your job. Going shopping for new clothes isn’t necessary, but make sure that what you do choose looks fresh. Heavy patterns and busy fabrics should be avoided, they can make the picture too busy and confusing to the viewer.

If you wear glasses but aren’t going to wear them for your headshot session, take them off around 10 minutes before to allow red marks on your nose to disappear.

If you wear makeup, keep it fairly natural and don’t be tempted to over apply. You want to look like yourself on your best day and look professional. If you usually wear a bold lipstick, go for it!

Tip #2:  Prep to Look Fresh

If you are getting a haircut for your professional portrait session, make sure to do so well before the day. Gents should get a cut at least 2-3 days prior to allow time to get used to styling your new do. Ladies, if you are getting more than just a restyle, allow 1-2 weeks to get used to styling your hair. Also note that some shades of freshly dyed hair can look too vibrant for a week or so after dying.

Try to get a good night sleep before the day. We all know that getting an extra hour or two will give you a bright and fresh start the following morning. On the day, make sure you allow time just before your shoot to freshen up and switch off from work for a bit. Go into your session with a positive mind and feel good about yourself.

Tip #3:  Relax and Have Fun

The key to a great headshot is to be relaxed. A great headshot is one where that warm welcoming personality shines through. Having a good rapport with your photographer will really help. Talk to them at the start of your session and let them know of any concerns you may have. A good professional photographer will always take the time to talk to you and help you feel confident and ready for a fun session. As an experienced corporate photographer, I know that many clients get a bit nervous about having their portrait taken. It’s not something you do every day and relaxing in front of the camera doesn’t always come naturally. Engage the camera as you would a normal conversation. Show your future client that you are a friendly and welcoming person they want to do business with. And most of all, have fun.

Tip #4:  Work With Your Best Side

When it comes to pictures, many people have a preferred side. For some, it's their left profile, and for others their right. This is usually because of the symmetry and shape of a face or trying to hide a perceived imperfection. Work with your photographer and don’t be embarrassed to tell them if you have a preference. If there is something you are conscious of, tell them. They only want to bring out the best in you and deliver the best results.

Did you know, everyone has one eye that is bigger than the other?

Tip #5:  Trust Your Photographer and Work With Them

Last but not least, have faith in the expert who is taking your picture. A professional headshot photographer has experience in what they do, they do it for a living. They can give you guidance and encouragement, help you with posing and  alleviate any concerns you may have. Work with them and communicate. They are there to make you look your best and that can only happen when you are comfortable. Personally, I like to review images with the client as I shoot. This helps me know what they are conscious of and ensures they are happy with the final results.

Feeling confident and ready for the shoot? Make sure to try out these tips for your headshot session and check out my other blogs for more tips.


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