Do I Really Need a Professional for Headshots?

⌨ 3 February 2020 |  ✎ Julian Stock

Corporate Headshots with on location studio setup

Is it important to have a professional headshot?

With social media platforms now being a key way to promote your professional abilities, having a great headshot has become essential. Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are now the go to place for recruiters and potential clients alike. All social media channels ask for a profile picture and that headshot has a far-reaching web presence that should be utilised to the max. The first impression your headshot gives needs to be engaging and make others want to find out more about you. 

What are headshots used for?

Your headshot has many more uses than just as a social media profile picture. It can be used for other business purposes like on your company’s website, for publications and reports, for big announcements and email signatures. A professional headshot photographer like myself will create a variety of images that can be used for different purpouses. Your headshot images need to be durable so you can use them throughout the year without having to use the same image every time.

Why Book a Professional Photographer for Headshots?

When you invest in a professional headshot, you are investing in yourself. Your headshot should portray you exactly how you would like your potential clients to see you. Let’s be honest though, not all of us are naturally photogenic, myself included. It's not easy being comfortable in front of a camera. An amateur photographer may not know how to get the best out of your headshot session and often can result in images that look nothing like you actually do, and obviously not your best. By using a professional photographer who specialises in headshots and knows how to work with you well, which backdrop to choose for the look you need and how to use light to compliment you best. Not only that, but a professional photographer can guide you on the type of clothing and colours you should wear. Although it’s often formal work gear, you can choose colours and styles that compliment your skin town, hair and the look you are going for.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Book a Professional for Your Headshots:

1. It’s Your Personal Branding

We all know the saying that a first impression is the last impression, and your headshot on a document or profile is that first impression. It creates your personal branding. Before you go to an interview or meet someone in person, your picture on documents or your website reaches them first! Your headshot, if it's a well taken one, makes your first impression a fantastic one. It gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. If it isn’t well presented and doesn't portray you at your best, then you aren’t going to reach the potential clients you should.

2. It Shows Professionalism

Using a selfie, or non professional image on your channels just doesn’t give the right impression. It denotes unprofessional behaviour which can impact the viewers approach towards you greatly. While, a professionally taken headshot shows your professionalism and that you take yourself seriously. which creates a good impression.

3. It Represents Your Personality

A good headshot expresses your personality. People tend to judge you through your headshot if they haven’t met you in person. A smiling headshot conveys approachability and friendliness, where as a more serious look can show confidence or determination. A professional headshot photographer makes sure your expression matches your personality and position. For example, my headshot is with a smile as I want to show my friendly side.

4. It Helps You Connect Before Meeting

If your headshot has been published somewhere, it lets people recognise you as soon as they meet you. Make sure it's a recent image of you though, one that looks like you do now. An old image of you, maybe with an old hairstyle or look can be confusing and just isn't current.

5. It Adds Impact to Your Profile

A memorable and engaging headshot that stands out from others on social media platforms will strengthen your chances of leaving a positive impression on potential clients or recruiters. A poor headshot or non-professional image can weaken your social media presence.

6. It Enhances Your Self Confidence

Don't underestimate this one. If you are presenting yourself to someone and using a great looking headshot, you will automatically feel more confident about yourself. If you feel more confident you will most likely be more positive in yourself, push yourself further and overcome greater hurdles. 

Is it a worthwhile investment? Yes!

A professional headshot is a financial investment in yourself, one that is worth every penny. Having professional headshots taken isn't just for the high flying executives any more, everybody needs one these days. Each of us is a brand in ourselves, and we need to market that as best we can to ensure success and progress. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are now the go to sites for recruiters and potential clients alike. By having a polished, professional headshot that represents you well you will be giving yourself the best professional start possible. Take the time to invest in your self and I guarantee the rewards will follow.

If you need any further advice or are looking for a professional headshot photographer, please get in touch. I am happy to help.

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