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⌨ 19 December, 2019 |  ✎ Julian Stock

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Standing out is essential for any business to succeed. There needs to be some kind of buzz about you to make your target audience aware of your existence and what makes you different to your competitors (your USP). Organising an event is one of the tried and tested ways of achieving this and a great way to promote who you are and what you do. They enhance public awareness, add a touch of glamour to your company and ultimately gain you a larger customer base. No business can grow without spreading the word. 

Events are a great way to meet and greet people, learn what the latest trends are and create new acquaintances. It's all about making good connections. Having business events has become an essential way to exchange information about your company and promote its products. New or small firms host such events to strengthen their market reach and gain new connections, while a large established business would hold one to launch a new product or service, or simply because they are expected to do so. Whatever the reason for holding an event, it must get people talking and create a positive buzz about your business or products.

Let’s look at some ways you can achieve the right coverage and publicity for your next event.

9 Ways to Promote Your Event:

1. Promote the Event on Social Media

No company today exists without a website and social media presence. You can put all the information on these platforms, and let your followers know about your company’s activities. Make sure to post early and often before the event to create a buzz in advance. Many of these posts can be scheduled far in advance, using tools like Buffer. A few post ideas before the event would be "Only X days until the event!”, “Just seen Tom's presentation. Wow!” etc. Make sure to post during the event too. As an event photographer myself, one of the services I often provide my clients is instant access to key images and short video clips for posts of the event as it's happening. 

2. Cover It with Video and Photos

The very first thing you should do to make your event memorable is to have it covered perfectly. If your images are visually strong and capture not just the key moments, but show a wide array of moments throughout the event, you can easily create highlights through your social channels and websites future posts and PR. Always hire a professional like myself who has experience at covering events.

3. Invite a Celebrity or Expert in the Field

We all love famous dignitaries. These celebrities or prominent personalities can attract attendees to your event like a magnet. You can invite them to create a buzz about your event, and let them talk about your new feature or service and promote it with a flourishing speech.

4. Tell the Media

Being in the newspapers or creating a buzz on air (television or radio) is a great way to reach out to the masses. However, make sure that you are prepared well to brief them and your PR Executive makes certain that the buzz they create would benefit your business. Positive publicity is the aim here and those all important professional photos from tip #1 will complement any publications.

5. Invite Bloggers and Influencers

Bloggers, YouTubers and Influencers have a following of millions on their Social Media platforms. Calling them to cover your event means influencing the minds of many. However, make sure you call someone relevant to your industry. A food blogger in a fashion event wouldn’t bring or add much value.

6. Treat your Guests Well

Your guests are experiencing your hospitality first hand. The impression you create on them will go a long way in creating and maintaining the goodwill of your company. They are going to talk about the lavish food, the innovative arrangements and the interesting announcements, along with the gripping entertainment for weeks in their circle. Word of mouth counts. Make sure your words spread, and make sure what goes around is all positive.

7. Give Hand-Outs

Invest in hand-outs that will be kept and shared by attendees after the event. Pens and key rings are probably the first things that come to mind but also think creatively, something that's related to your business. Things like a branded webcam cover are great gifts as they are not only something guests could use but they are also a great way to ensure your brand is kept fresh and visible. Your event brochures can also be more than just a guide to the event. Add content the guest would want to keep hold of, like handy tips or planners.

8. Move the Focus from Promotional to Conversational

Make sure to move away from just marketing messages. Not just during the event itself but with any social media posts also. Engage guests in thoughtful conversations that encourage interaction and input. “Hey guys, did you hear about?” etc.

9. Have a Competition or Prize Draw

Having a quick prize draw between presentations is a great way to excite your guests and really helps break up the formality of proceedings. They are a great conversation point and can build excitement during the event.

Having good publicity is a basic requirement of any corporate or business event. What’s the point of hosting such a large event and inviting the prominent personalities if your products or services aren’t getting the right exposure? Remember, an event reaches more than half of its success if its promotion goes well. Make sure people know about your event, are excited to attend and are talking about it afterwords. 

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