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Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm a full time commercial photographer in Hampshire UK who works mainly in the corporate sector. This blog is all about photography tips, client guides, projects and sharing my experiences. Do you have an article suggestion? Don't be afraid to share your ideas, leave a comment or just say hello.

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How to Plan for a Company Headshot Session

Date: 17 April, 2020

Company headshots are a great way for clients to connect with your staff members on a personal level and can give your company that competitive edge, especially with so much business now done online. But how should you prepare for your photoshoot to get the most out of your session and ensure it runs smoothly? Here are my top tips. 

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Why Book a Professional Photographer for Headshots?

Date: 03 February, 2020

With social media platforms now being a key way to promote your professional abilities, having a great headshot has become essential. Sites like LinkedIn are now the go to place for recruiters and potential clients alike. Here are 6 reasons why you should book a professional for your headshots.

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Headshot Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Business Portrait Session

Date: 9 January, 2020 

Is it time to update your LinkedIn profile, or get new headshots for your company website? Here are some tips on how to prepare for a headshot and make the most of your portrait session. They will ensure you get stunning results.

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How to Promote your Business Events Better!

Date: 19 December, 2019

Good publicity is a basic requirement of any corporate event. What’s the point of hosting such a large bash and inviting the prominent personalities if your products or services aren’t getting the right exposure? Let’s look at some ways you can achieve the right coverage and publicity for your next event. Here are 9 ways you to promote your business event better:

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Should You Hire a Professional Photographer for Corporate Events?

Date: 5 December, 2019

Company image is so important, especially in today's competitive market. A strong visual online presence is key. The images you use on your social media sites and company website say so much about who you are as a business. Using professional photos can make a big difference in how your customers perceives you. Here are my top reasons why a professional photographer is essential for your next corporate event!

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